Realtek HD Audio not detecting headphone insertion.

This is for my laptop, built in speakers and uses very minimalistic interface for the HD Audio Manager.

Anyways, somehow over the night the internal jack broke and now it won't detect if headphones are connected to the laptop(which btw is a F50SV). I tried cleaning drivers, BIOS, messing around in regedit, etc. but to no avail can I make it work again.

Anyways, I ask here to see if anyone knows of a way to force disable internal speakers as the audio jack still functions fine but won't disable the speakers. Running W7.
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  1. well the internal speaker shuld be disabled when u put anthing into the audio jack

    if not you should check ure manual

    ps, u shuld have really looked your manual thourghly b4 even turning ure laptop on for the very first time.
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