My computer plays random sound clips, and net is slow

I think my computer has a virus, because it plays random sound clips, and I'm getting popups. When I browse net it is getting slow and sometimes crashes for no reason. Can anyone help with this
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  1. Download this an try to clean the computer. And get a realtime virus scanner! MS Security Essentials is free and will do the job.
  2. Thanks for your help!
    I have already got Ms essential on my Laptop. I also downloaded avast last night, but none of them seem to remedy the problem. I can cope with the sudden sound, but explorer becomes very slow since this incident. Please help
  3. Hi

    there are a few old PC's who's BIOS plays a tune when they over heat
    There are several programs that can report CPU temperature in Windows


    Mike Barnes
  4. What is your PC's Specification ?
  5. You mentioned pop-ups. What do they say? It's possible they are coming from your computer, but they could also originate from websites you are visiting if you don't have Ad-Blocker or a program to control scripts that are designed to run when you access the site.
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