I need a branded ups

I need a UPS for 1kW....my load is approx 400w and need minimum 2-3hours back up.
I searched on the net but can't find it any where....
that UPS includes bettry inside its chassis and must be of some brand
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  1. All though it's very expensive the APC Smart-UPS 1000VA LCD 120V will do the trick.

    Sean Kuchle
    Jantech Services
  2. Are you asking for a UPS that can put out 400W and keep your computer running for 2-3 hours? You'd need one the size of a bed to do that. That link he posted is saying that at a draw of 50W the UPS will hold for 3 hours. At 400W it'll last ~14 minutes.

  3. hello....! thanks for reply
    I found a UPS that covers my needs at APC butt its so expensive for me to afford
    its a 5000W UPS and on 400W it stands for almost 3 hours and price is 105000 PKR.............So expensive
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