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I built a custom tower a while back with a Asus M3N72-D motherboard and used both the built in video and audio chipsets it worked no problem, I recently purchased a new Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+ 1gb made by Sparkle to upgrade my video capabilities for gaming, after I did a clean install installed the right drivers etc I go to play some music and I get no audio from my speakers or headphones so I checked the Realtek HD Audio Manager and it doesn't show that it is recognize any analog ports as being plugged in but the Digital audio port is shown as being plugged in which I am not using at all, I did make sure that I had the newest drivers installed, can anyone tell me what is going on?
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  1. this is what u shuld do.

    b4 doing anything go to control panel

    then sound

    then under playback tab, u shuld see something along the lines' speakers'---realtek high defintiion manager'

    right lick on that and click on enable or click on it and click on set default, near the bottom of the window, that should fix it.
  2. I've had the same problem with the Realtek sound. I tried updating drivers for a month or two every time there was an update and I never had any success with it. I noticed the problems with Windows 7 64 bit, and assumed there was some compatibility issues.

    The only solution I had was to buy a new sound card, unfortunately.
  3. i to have a problem with realtek whenever plug in there no pop ups even when i have enabled them.In the manager i cant change the input devices.All the things are gone to speakers out there's no subwoofer or center. My operating system is win xp sp3 media centre edition.And i have 5.1 home theatre on my system.
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