5.1 Audio Output with Digital Coaxial.

Hi all,

Apologies for asking a very basic question, but having trawled the Internet, cannot seem to find an answer to my problem.

I have Sony Home Theatre system hooked up to my DVD player. As far as I remember the DVD player (Mashita?) does not have another output apart from the standard stereo jacks and for sure no optical or HDMI.

The output I am currently using from the DVD Player is the digital coaxial output to the home theatre system, but for some reason, even though the DVD mentions a 5.1 output, the Sony system seems to reflect something like "Dolby 2.1/..." and I too feel that I am not getting the 5.1 experience.

Can somebody please shed some light on this?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards.
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  1. The only 5.1 format Coax/Optical can transmit is Dolby Digital/DTS. Unless one of those two audio formats are used, you can not get 5.1.

    For each DVD you play, go to the sound settings and select whichever format that particular disk uses.
  2. 1. Thanks. So, you mean to say I have to change it every time I have a DVD. But IIRC, the DVD menu does not show me anything like what you mention? There is Dolby Digital, and that is already selected.

    2. There are also some settings on the home theatre system, if I recall correctly, something that says PCM etc. Do I need to change those as well?


    Kind regards
  3. Make sure PCM is NOT selected. PCM, as far as Coax is concerned, is 2.1 channel audio. The other option is probably "Bitstream", which would be what you want.
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