Old Toshiba won't recognize RAM

Toshiba Satellite 2545XCDT only recognizes 64 MB nonremovable RAM in My Computer and BIOS. Why won't it recognize 128 MB chip installed in slot for a total of 192 MB? Email aaronduke@email.com
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  1. lol... is this a serious question? Sorry, I have to ask. This laptop is so old that it takes 60ns EDO RAM. Make sure the RAM is installed correctly and of course is the correct type. It may be possible that the RAM chip is bad otherwise.
  2. arson,

    Thanks for the reply. I tried another stick of RAM which is not working either. I am not familiar with 60ns EDO RAM. Is this a type of SDRAM? The stick that was in the laptop said "128 MB SDR SODIMM so I guess that's SDRAM. The second stick I put in says 128 MB SYNC 66 MHz CL2. Will either of these work or is this the wrong type of RAM? Neither seems to be recognized on this laptop.
  3. EDO is older technology than SDRAM. The first stick didn't work because it was SDRAM, which may be the case with the second stick as well but from the description I can't be sure. All I know is that you must find EDO RAM that's 60ns or higher. I would be willing to assume that the two sticks you've tried were SDRAM instead of EDO RAM.
  4. I have the perfect solution - THROW IT IN THE BIN

    EDO = ~1997 tops which means ~500mhz, windows 9x, 8gb etc - RUBBISH
  5. Thanks again Arson. How did you find out it took EDO RAM? It already had a stick of SDRAM in it and the other stick I had to try was also SDRAM. These both plugged right in. Is EDO like SIMM? Anyway thanks again for the help. Throwing it away is not an option as it is someone else's. Plus, it runs Windows 98 fine.
  6. I agree, but maybe he has a reason...
  7. What do you mean? Also, how'd you find out it took EDO RAM? Is this SIMM or what?
  8. Sorry, my last comment was in response to apache_lives' comment. I found out it took EDO RAM by googling the model number, 2545XCDT. You'll come up with many sites, some of which are links to memory upgrades for this specific laptop from various companies. SO DIMM is small RAM; it's what laptops use. The laptop you have needs a SO DIMM of EDO RAM. You tried to put a SO DIMM of SDRAM in it and that's why it didn't work. Same size and form, but different pin layout. This website, http://www.ahinc.com/hhmemory.htm, gives good descriptions/comparisons between the types and techs of RAM if you're interested.

    I've looked briefly, but newegg doesn't sell EDO at all and amazon doesn't have 128MB modules of EDO SO DIMM. Might be much cheaper to ask some friends if they have any old laptops still laying around with EDO RAM still in it lol.
  9. Thank you for all of the help and the prompt replies!
  10. You're definitely welcome, glad I could help! :D
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