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My partner removed the speakers on our 3100 and when he put them back in no sound. We have re installed windows xp and then re downloaded the drivers again but still nothing. There are no alert lights on , all properties say its working. Two questions If I change the sound card or run another alongside how do I know what to buy as I have googled sound card for 3100 and nothing comes up. Two- has anyone got an idea of whats wrong as everyone who looks at it is baffled
Any help advice welcome
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  1. Check the control panel-->sounds and audio devices-->make sure the correct sound playback device is selected from the drop down box. While you're there, make sure the volume is turned up, and the mute box isn't checked. You can also check the speaker volume, and make sure the correct speaker setup is selected.
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    if it's not a audio device problem, then a sound driver issue. google and check out the possible links for a working sound driver. maybe you will find this dell site when gooling:
    i found the program there helpful, it offers free scan and can get almost any dell drivers we need correctly and easily.
    hope this helps.
  3. Thanks everyone. It was the sound card
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