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My CRT picture is tilted a little bit clockwise...


This isn't a big problem, but an annoying one...

I just bought an RCA 27F400T CRT television to play my older video games on.

I didn't notice right away, but the picture is tilted a little clockwise. Things on the top left of the screen are out of the picture a little, and things on the bottom right are out of the picture a little.

I've been searching around with no real answers, besides "deal with it" or "get a technician to look at it"....haha.

I've read about service menus as well. I've found a couple of RCA service menu codes online that do not work on my television.

Does anybody know the service code for my model of television, or of a simple fix for this problem maybe?

Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide!

PS...sorry if the category is incorrect, I couldn't find one to fit my problem exactly!
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    Don't laugh (or do) the tilt is caused by gravity. (or do you have any big magnetic sources near the TV, like speakers?)
    There is an adjustment inside to correct it, but there is high voltage inside which can kill you. That's why only a trained technician should adjust it. No, this is not a joke.
  2. No, there are no magnets or speakers (only the ones inside the television). There has to be a way to fix it. There's probably a service menu code out there somewhere....hopefully.

    hanhan86, I'm looking for help, not ads.
  3. most CRT sets have the tilt adjust on the chassis board.
  4. Anybody?
  5. Since you just bought it (new I presume), take it back to the dealer for exchange or refund. Maybe it got dropped during shipment and the yoke coils around the CRT neck came loose, assuming it has such old technology...

    But Soundguruman is correct - color CRT TVs can have well over 30 kilovolts DC so as to drive the electron beam 1-2 ft. from the cathode in the neck, past the collector grid to the phosphors on the face of the tube. That's what CRT stands for - Cathode Ray Tube. And if you touch a 30KV source you'll light up similarly :P...
  6. I bought it from somebody...haha, no exchange.

    I got it farily cheap, so maybe I'll just look for another one!

    Thanks for the help anyways!
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