Hello. My motherboard is gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L. I have the plantronics gamecom 367 headset. First of all, I want to know a few things about microphone boost; what is, how it works and why do I need? Secondly, I want to ask you what are the recommended settings to use with this headset? And why do my friends on skype hear a noise when I use microphone boost(+20 dB) when I mute the microphone and turn it back on. Please note that that noise disappears as time passes. But the question is why do they hear a noise after I turn on the microphone when I use microphone boost? Thank you in advance. Good-bye and have a good time:)! P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I hope you will understand.
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  1. what kind of noise is it??
    i think what it is doing is its allowing more sound it so your louder
    in case you have a soft voice or people cant hear you
    so its allowing background noise in also

  2. Okay, I understood the part that I am talking softer or not loud. By the way, the noise is some kind of a hum. What did you meant here " i think what is is doing is its allowing more sound it so your louder", because I didn't understand you. Please, type correctly. Also, if you didn't knew, I have a noise-cancelling microphone. And, one more thing to ask you: Can you tell me what is the "Automatically adjust microphone settings" and "Automatically adjust speaker settings" on skype audio settings. Is it good to let that activated by default. What it does actually? Thank you again. Have a good time:)!
  3. sorry never used it before
  4. Hello again. So, can anybody tell me what are the recommended settings to use. Should I use microphone boost? If yes, how do I set it +10 dB, +20 dB or +30 dB. Most of you use +20 dB. But can you tell me if I need it or not? Thank you in advance. Have a nice day:)!
  5. Never mind. Thank you for your help anyway. Good-bye and have a nice day:)!
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