Surround sound with pc? Wont work..(

I got a hdtv hooked up to my pc, but when i've tried connecting surround speakers it didn't work at all, I've bought a Sony STR-DE845 reciever and already had some speakers, Im 100% sure that i've hooked up the speakers and sub the right way but when connecting to a pc through video1 output with wire(red and white) there is no sound, i've tried all the channels same way and already messed with control panel sound option but there is still no Sound!((((
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  1. Are you trying to get sound from your stereo to your PC?

    If so, the Video out won't carry any audio.
  2. u have to assign the receiver to receiver such signal

    w8 let me rephrase that

    connect your pc to the receiver
    connect your screen to your reciver (tv or pc screen)

    then connect your audio cable, (in this case digital cable; toslink or optical)

    then connect your speakers( if they use rca then connect to audio OUT!!, if u got real speakers, then connect to spaker terminlas, obvs)

    then go to your receiverm, then assign what signals are going to be received in this case, pc audio is input, )

    for more help the manual shuild say it all. u jsut have to pay attention to the details
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