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Hi, I hope someone here can shed some light please, I am thinking about buying a Hitachi hifi system that has iPod docking, does this mean that a non Apple mp3 player won't work with it?

I am also about to purchase an MP3 player but don't really want an iPod so hopefully someone may be able to help me. Thanks very much in advance!

Lulu The Luddite :-)
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  1. The iPod Dock will only work with an iPod but you can still use other means of hooking up other MP3 players to any stereo.

    Other good MP3 players:
    MS Zune
    Creative Zen
    Sony Walkman X
    Cowon S9
  2. Hi Viper,

    Thanks very much for responding! I kind of thought that would be the case ! Ah well back to Plan B!

    Lulu :-)
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