Sound Blaster Adugiy 2 ZS mic problem windows 7 mic problem windows 7

Hi there the problem I am having is that when I use my mic for gaming It work fine for a wile and then I sound like I am under water I know how set it up and have the latest drivers witch are 64bit and upto date or is there a better card out there for windows 7 64bit can any one help plz

thank you
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  1. Try a different mic if you can.
  2. are there any effects turned on?do you have the right drivers?also i have this sb aidugy 2zs on pci
  3. i got same problem wuth that, its helpi is changing sampling - a guess its in english - i got polish version of windows

    but after restart windows its problem again, and you should change many times this
    thats problem with teamspeak and skype also

    i use beta drivers and normal too... nothing help
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