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For the last couple of days I've had a terrible problem!
My computer just wont shut down, I'm using XP pro and everytime I press the shutdown buttom the computer just restarts! Anybody experienced the same problem or can help me?

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  1. Try looking at this <A HREF="" target="_new"><b>site</b></A>.

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  2. I think I figuired it out. XP has a automatic restart function everytime there is a system failure. After I disabled the function a blue note appeared telling me a had a system failure that could be fixed if I figuired out what the problem was!! I guess I couldn’t expect more from Microsoft. Well anyhow atleast it didn’t restart now it just freezes after closing windows...
    But understanding it was a software failure and after uninstalling some strange programs it all worked perfectly.

    "Ad astra per AMD"
  3. Great to hear you fixed your problem! I bet you don't forget that fix.

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