GATEWAY MX6426 how to boot from usb

Hi everybody!
I have a big problem with my Gateway MX6426 laptop.My CD drive is broken,and I have tried to reinstall Windows XP from external CD drive. During installation it said that some files on CD are corrupted,and installatin stopped.But, old Windows were already erased from hard drive,so I can not boot anyhow.There is a message that my computer has no enough memory to check C drive, or some files are corrupted.I tried to boot from USB stick,but no success.That message appears all the time.And,also,there is no window for formatting C drive during installation.
Can, please, anybody help me?
Thanks in advance! :o
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  1. Hook up you Usb CR-R, then Turn on your laptop, and go into boot menu, then choose Usb device, it will then boot from your external CD-R.



    Look up your Gateway model and go into replacing memory sticks. Continue until the problem dissapears.

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