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I have a two-year old 40-inch Sony Bravia that just started to break down. After turning on for one to two seconds it goes into stand-by mode even after wall outlet unplugging and replugging. Picture quality and sound are fine. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. It needs to go to the service center. This is not a repair that can be done by the end user.
  2. agree on soundguruman, it will require service on that

    but I dont remember how does the update works they might tell you that an update is needed on your TV try the update, also a technitian to your place might be offered or something

    or if you wanna be convinced call sony ... 1 800 222 7669 is the call center for support,
  3. I agree. Sounds like a backlight failure pulling the set down. Call for service immediately.
  4. Is it connected to a computer? (Random... yes..., but theres a reason i ask)
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