Isn't there one all-in-one printer out there that doesn't suck?

I'm shopping for a new all-in-one inkjet printer for school. My current Lexmark hasn't worked right (don't even have time to go into all the problems it has) since the switch to Vista, and I can't be wasting time on it when school starts.

I picked up a Canon MP620 all-in-one wireless from BestBuy during a Memorial Day sale ($100 down form $150), but I haven't taken it out of the box yet. My only reservation with it is I've seen reviews that say the ink is expensive (but whose isnt?). I've found several places online that sell compatible black ink cartridges (what I'll be using most) for around $7, which wouldn't be bad, assuming these cartridges actually work and give about the same number of pages as Canon's name brand ink.

I've always been frustrated by printer shopping and ownership. I've owned almost every brand at some point and it's always something: low print speed, low print quality, setup issues, software issues, breakdowns, expensive ink, etc. Isn't there just one printer out there that's reasonably fast and good quality (I don't need the best), multifunction, quality craftsmanship (won't break down), well programmed (won't stop working), with reasonably priced ink for around $100? Or am I just asking too much?
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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I would be prepared to pay more for an all-in-one network printer that simply prints fast and doesn't entail $100/month for ink! I will watch this to see what replies you get. (It's a bit of a concern that noone has responded to-date). Maybe a printer like that doesn't exist.
  2. If you can, quit using ink jet which is just a pension scheme for printer makers and unreliable into the bargain.

    Colour lasers are now affordable, they just work.

    All in ones may save space, but given that the construction quality is often marginal because they're aimed at a family friendly price point, you're asking for trouble(s).
  3. I use the MP620 and have found it to be very good - for my purposes. The networking works fine and set-up was a doddle with a Vista PC and XP netbook.

    I dont print too much so the ink costs dont hurt me. I have never had a reliability problem - probably for the same reason. If you intend printing a lot you should definitely consider a laser.
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