Kodak EasyShare V1253, powers up, and then powers down

I have an issue with my Kodak V1253. When I press the power button, it makes the power on noise, and turns on briefly, the display comes on, the lens pops out and opens, but a second later, the lens pulls in and closes, and the camera shuts off. The camera isn't even on long enough for me to try and get to the menu and reset the settings. This issue came up once before, but I was able to get the camera to work again just fiddling around with it. This time the problem seems permanent. Can anybody give me some input on how to fix this issue?

I have tried removing the battery already. The only thing that doe is ask me to input the date and time when the camera is powered on, and once I enter the information in, it does the exact same thing it was doing before.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. get a new battery or even just a new camera
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