Automating WinXP Updates

I recently downloaded all the WinXP updates via the Update Catalog on the MS site. A question though, is it possible to automate the installation of the 40+ executables i now have? If not, do i have to restart the pc after every single update?

Thanks in advance....
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  1. I would say no. When you normally download and install the updates through the Windows Update site, you only restart after the end. There are those few cases in which you are needed to restart, like Service Packs and stuff. But, maybe you should restart for those big updates.

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  2. Set automatic update to download and only prompt you to install when it's done. The program is desgined to download piece by peice while you're on the net. It also monitors bandwidth so it doesn't interfere with your internet experience. I find it useful on 56K connections, while on my broadband system I just run win update and DL it all at once, but when on slower connections it's easier to let it get it itself overtime.

    So if you run win update and there's like 30 things to download it's perfectly okay to download it all and install at once. No need to download 5 things, reboot, another 5 things, reboot, etc... not needed at all with XP.

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  3. The reason why I'd be against this is to scrutinize if it's necessary to install a patch. For example, there was that privacy concern with the Windows Media Player update. If you would've downloaded and installed that without reading about it, you might have opened yourself up to Microsoft.

    In this instance, I find it better to do these certain things manually, and not let the operating system handle it. It's your system, so you should have control of this.

    Then again, we all have our opinions... :smile:

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