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This may be a simple problem but it's one that's become rather annoying lately while I'm trying to play certain games on my computer. As I move my cursor along the top, left, and bottom edges of the screen the cursor stops at the visible edge of the screen. The problem I'm having is that it does not do this for the right edge of the screen and instead disappears off-screen where I can't see it. While this was originally something that annoyed me simply because of its appearance, I've noticed that it becomes a problem when I'm trying to move the camera around in strategy games (which requires you to move your cursor to the edge of the screen). What I'd like to know is how I can make my cursor behave the same way for the right edge of my screen as the top, left, and bottom edges of the screen.

I don't know if it'll help, but here's some relevant information:
Monitor: ASUS 22" VW224U
GPU: nVidia eVGA GTX 275 896MB
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  1. Maybe it's a driver issue. Try uninstall your drivers in Safe Mode, then re-install current drivers.
  2. The drivers seem to be fine.

    EDIT: I found out what the problem was. Turned out to be a really stupid setting problem. For whatever reason the monitor settings were defaulted as dual-monitor instead of just one... I have no idea why, but I changed it back to one and everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the suggestion though jaugar.
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