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So I noticed that over the past few months the service svchost.exe has taken up a ton of my memory, somtimes just idling I only have 55% memory, Some days the memory will be down to as low as 28% at idle but then the next day it will be running at 50-55% MEM. I have noticed that svchost.exe has taken up lots and lots of MEM. Can some one help me please!!! Thanks
Acer Aspire 5532
3.00 GIG's RAM
64 Bit
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  1. I have the same problem only my cpu is i. A constant 100%
  2. svchost is a windows service host utility. It is a program that will host multiple windows/program services. If you have alot of background programs running like utilities, background downloaders, etc it will take up more and more ram.
    Or, you could have a virus that was poorly written hogging up resources. Do a virus scan. Then try to remember any recent programs that you have installed that would do stuff in the background.
  3. how do i see what background things are running?
  4. Right click on the taskbar and start the task manager. The second tab (processes) tells you what's running in background. BUT as long as it's not a virus (and i don't think it is) don't worry about the memory. Windows manages the ram fairly well. As long as there is free memory, it will use it. If you start a program, windows will release the ram or write it to the pagefile.sys for later use.
  5. belinda2cu said:
    I have the same problem only my cpu is i. A constant 100%

    Start the task manager and click on the CPU row to get the process list sorted by CPU usage. What process uses all the power? And forget the idle process, that's only a dummy process to make it add up to 100%.
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