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Hello,I just set my new LG 47sl80 and I connected it to my new pc. I tried HDMI cables and dvi to hdmi.I see my desktop with no icons only the background picture.I can right click on the desktop and the menu comes up but when I select something it works on the pc monitor but not on the tv. Any ideas?
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    If you're in a dual-monitor setup (both monitor and HDTV connected at the same time), it sounds like you're in Extended mode. Try Clone Mode.

    If you are in Clone mode or only have the HDTV connected to the PC, then is sounds like the scaling is off. The icons are there, just off the screen.

    -Wolf sends
  2. also what you have to see and look for is that if the resolution is setted up properly because the resolution of one of those TVs is of 1080x1290 if I remember properly that might be another reason for this issue to be happening

    other than that the use of DVI will comunicate only video but not audio, if you want also to the Audio to come out from the TV or some other of specialized connection I recomend to use the HDMI cable since it will comunicate video and audio
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  4. Got it. Thanks for the help
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