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So here is my problem

I have time warner cable in my room with only internet service. So i figured I could split the line and run one line to my modem for internet and the other to my tv to get basic free cable.

Here is my problem
My coax connection on my tv doesn't work So i figured I would use my old vcr and run the cable line into the vcr and then run the line out through an rca line.

So i split the line, because my cable wasn't long enough i just used two splitters and two 25ft cables. i ran the coax in to my vcr and the rca out to the tv, in theory i figured once i switched to the vcr input on my tv i would be able to change the channels on my vcr and pick up cable, but it isn't working,

am i doing something wrong?
Since im using my vcr as a tuner it doesn't matter if my tv's coax is broken right?
also is it the fact that im doing a/v out using rca?

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  1. you can split the cable, run one to your internet, run the other one to the VCR.
    But coming out of the VCR with RCA, you have an audio RCA cable, and a video RCA cable.
    The TV must be set to the video input (use the input select on the remote, to select VIDEO)
    The VCR is used to change the channels, not the TV. The VCR IS the tuner.

    Now, how you extended the wire, you should use just one (two way) splitter
    If you want to put two cables together, to make the cable longer, use a barrel, not a splitter. One splitter into another splitter will make the signal very weak, and the picture will be poor quality.

    You can get a barrel connector at radio shack, or an electronics store. The barrel is made so you can connect two cables together, without loosing so much signal.

    What will also help is using an amplifier, inline with the cable, as close to the point of entry into the house. The amp does not go at the end of the wire, it goes at the start of the wire.

    You have the right idea, but your TV is set to the wrong input.
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