Adding unformatted HDD in Windows XP

This may sound as a noob question, but I want to be sure before doing anything. How do I add a new, unformatted SATA HDD in Windows XP? It detects the HDD, its model, but it's not formatted and obviously does not appear in My PC.
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  1. once the drive is installed and the machien booted, right-click on My computer, open the manager, then select Disk Manager. From there you'll be able to set up the partitions on the unformatted disk and assign drive letters to them.
  2. um try to get partition magic, its not free but........

    its a good tool for someone who don't know what they want, all ya do is right click or read through the tourtials

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  3. Pfft disk management like emogoch stated is all you need. As long as you dont want to resize partition on the fly!

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  4. So, any more or less recent version of PM would do? The device manager identifies the drive, but it say that the allocated space is 0.
  5. Of course it will. Right-click on the unallocated space, and say Create partition.
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