Windows 7 Aero Peek problem, edited regedit but still no help.

I can't get Aero enabled again. All of the boxes that enable Aero are checked and grayed in which means I can't click it, yet it still has the windows 7 basic taskbar. I went into the regedit and placed 3 new d-words,;32-bit in the DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) folder, "UseMachineCheck" "Blur" and "Animations". I Then restarted DWM in the CMD with Admin access, restarted my computer and still, I can't check or enable the Aero Peek effect from the properties taskbar (still grayed out and checked), the Personlize window, or any other way. What is going on here? I've been trying to get Aero Peek enabled for about 3 hours now, can someone please help me???
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  1. This may or may not work for you but it is worth a shot.
    "It happens to me few days ago - the option become greyed. The most strange was that it was accessible previously. The only thing what I needed to do to "ungrey" this it was changing some options in taskbar, so try this: right click on the tasbkar > Properties > change something (for example uncheck > check Lock the taskbar ) so the Apply button become available > press Apply button > press OK > open one more time taskbar's properties > checkbox for use Use Aero Peek... should be accessible again.

    If it doesn't work, try this: right click on Computer icon on your desktop > Properties > from the left pane: Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > press Settings... button from Performance sections > check Enable Aero Peek" from
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