Anyone else here use the MSI Wind U210?

Just bought an MSI Wind U210 for my girlfriend, because a bundle I found included a 9-cell battery for free. In any case, now I want to buy one for myself! Aside from a slightly bendy part underneath the keyboard (somewhere on the right side), this is definitely a good netbook, with a great balance of specs, portability, and of course, price.

But that opinion is simply based on first impressions, on a few hours of use. Anyone else here got an MSI Wind U210? Have you used it for quite a while? What do you think of it?
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  1. Believe it or not, my cousin got his girlfriend a U100. It was on his recommendation that I get the U210, as he said it had more power. Same here about the lack of problems, and I actually bought another one for myself because I was so jealous of my girlfriend :D
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