Windows 7 pro freezes at install windows screen

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem, I have a new computer build and when I load win 7 pro out of the box it freezes on install at the install screen/language to install etc. I have tried everything that I know of specs on computer asus p9x79 pro, 32gb gskill z series ram 1600mhz, cxrucial 512 ssd, intel 3930k cpu. I have tried 1 stick of ram also tried bios in default state with all auto settings, I have another copy of os that i tried it does same thing
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  1. Try with 1 stick of ram and only the SSD in first sata port
  2. make sure the mb bios is up to date there a lot of bug fixes for your mb. in the bios make sure the dram speed is set to xmp profile. on the ssd make sure the bios of the drive is up to date the newest bios on the ssd will wipe any data off the drive. make sure the ssd and hard drive are on the intel sata ports and the ports are set to achi mode. when i install windows to my ssd i unplug the hard drive so windows only sees the ssd.
  3. Is this SSD known to be good without any errors or bad sectors on it?
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