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Hi New to this but here goes: I have recently change the battery on my dell 8400 (on advice from a former friend) And now the error message " we are sorry for any inconvenience, but windows did not etc etc. I have tried to boot from all the options and been into Bios and re set manufacturers settings, I have unplugged everything except keyboard maouse and monitor. It boots up past the dell logo and then the error and no matter what I select it keeps comingh back to this screen!!
Help please.
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  1. Is the hard disk recognised in the BIOS screens ?
  2. Quote:
    Is the hard disk recognised in the BIOS screens ?

    Yes It is. After searching the net I foiund an article that advised you keep a note of all bios settings before changing battery....guess what....I never so I just restored factory settings in BIOS and now it wont boot up..
  3. You need to speak to Dell, unless someone here has had the same experience.
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