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I'll try to make this brief. Over four years ago, I bought a laptop for college and put a paid for version of Windows 7 Ultimate on the laptop (vista was on originally). About three weeks ago, the laptop had a motherboard issue that wasn't worth paying to get fixed due to price and general breakdown of the laptop. The laptop is not able to run anymore. So, I took the same operating system and put it on my desktop (which I rebuilt earlier with a new hard drive, RAM and Motherboard). My desktop has been running fine for about a week. Recently, I get a Microsoft Genuine Advantage error code #: "0xC004C008".

What can I do about this? The OS ran just fine on my laptop for over four years without any MGA errors. Now that my laptop is dead, I don't feel that I have to throw away the OS and buy an additional version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Also, I'm being given 21-days to enter in a new Windows 7 Key. The other thing I'm trying not to do is pay for Microsoft Customer Support.

Please Help Me.

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  1. I don't think you are going to like the answers. I'm not 100% sure about this but back in my day (10 years ago now) once you weren't a student anymore you aren't allowed to use the copy of windows. Second, I don't think the student copies are retail meaning they are OEM. This restricts them to one machine only. And going from a laptop to a desktop is a dead giveaway that its on a new machine. You can call MS (you shouldn't be charged, its not tech support but activation issue.) and plead your case about dead motherboard and new machine. They might give you the new code.

    BTW, Win7 came out in late 2009 so no way it's been over 4yrs. Thats why the laptop came with Vista.
  2. My version of Windows 7 Ultimate isn't a student copy. The laptop was bought for college use and whatever came after (for personal use).
  3. What type of copy is it? OEM I'm guessing or else MS wouldn't be upset about it.
  4. If it's OEM it will be tied to the motherboard of the first system it was installed in. If it's full retail is there a number to call? If so you can get a new activation number that way.

    Also Windows 7 was released to retail at the end of 2009 so you have not had it over 4 years ;)

    Edit: I should learn to read before I post lol. God knows I bitch at other people enough about it. 4745454b beat me to it.
  5. It's an enterprise version with 32 and 64 bit version of windows 7 ultimate on the same disc. My father gave it to me as a gift half way through college. It's legal and payed for.
  6. Try calling Microsoft then. There should be a number on the activation screen. Start > Control Panel > System. See if there is a number at the bottom of that screen. It's a free call as 4745454b has already said. In fact the few times I have had to do it I never even had to talk to a person, it was automated.
  7. This thread is similur to my problem:

    I tried calling the number and gave the activation department my 9-groups of numbers to activate over the phone and they said that something was wrong with the OS.
  8. Quote:
    they said that something was wrong with the OS.

    If MS can't fix it then we can't do anything else. As I said, I get the feeling you aren't going to like the answers.
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