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I have a 5 year old Del Inspiron 8600 and for about 1 month the screen went pink at start up and then changed to normal. Now the screen stays black and never comes on. What it the problem and how do I fix it?
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  1. Try booting with an external monitor activated -- if that works, it's the laptop screen or its illumination. You can check which by booting up the laptop and shining a torch at the laptop screen -- if you see something, the illumination has failed.

    Unless you can find a similar machine cheap with a different fault, it's a job for a repair guy.
  2. Booted with an external monitor and it works, how do I fix the screen in the laptop.
    Don Loeffler
    Chesterfield, Missouri
  3. Shine a torch at the laptop screen -- if you see something, the rectifier or illumination has failed -- if not, the screen has failed.

    Simplest to find a very similar model with a different fault -- fairly simple with Dell being so popular and this way you get a load of other spares like drive tray, CD drive etc usually for little more than the cost of new screen individually.

    Swap the lids. That usually involves removing the keyboard (screws underneath computer) and then the top apron of the computer (palmrest etc) and the rear parts which conceals the hinges etc.

    I always start by stripping the donor machine because then you learn what's likely to get damaged in the process.

    If, instead, you face having to strip down the lid to change the screen or illumination/rectifier you're into more difficult territory and I would suggest you give it to a repair guy, unless you've done this before.
  4. Hi Fihart,
    Thanks for the input, did 2 years of Electrical Engineering at the University, before switching to the Business School, also did 2 years Electronic Technical training, one year in US Air Force and 1 year at AT&T Co, before working in Electronics for 12 years. However all this was in the 60's and early 70's so been away from fixing stuff for quite a while. However, I mention this because would like to dig into the working portion of the computer and your suggestions are very helpful. Would like to chat more with you about what and how to do it.

    I'm in Chesterfield, Missouri which is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri and was wondering what part of the UK you are in? Have friends in the UK (Boston, Lincs) and been to England. Would like to know if you would be interested in Skying some time where we can do a Video call, at no cost, Skype seems to work good here. My Skype address is: donloeffler If you interested, send me your email address so we can arrange for a time to connect.

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  5. I think you'd better to use software to diagnose your computer firstly, i recommend you to try TuneUp360, which i have been using it for several months and i found that it is very powerful! :D
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