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I have a All in Wonder 650 Tv Tuner card installed with Windows 7 64bit. Someone hacked my pc over the weekend (it was personal). So I did a wipe on my primary HD and also a new install of the OS. Everything works great except when I go into the Catalyst Media Center and select "Tv" it says I have no tuner card installed. I have resat the card twice and still get no Tv Tuner card found. Also the file "INF" was not installed either. I have tried twice with a install and then uninstalled it with no change. Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Use the disk the hardware came with.
  2. You may want to remove the card and plug it into a different slot. It is usually not a good practice to install an OS with a full compliment of add-in cards installed in the tower. They can fight over memory or other resources (in the olden days you'd deal with IRQ conflicts...).

    Try booting the machine once without the card, shut down, then boot with the card installed in another slot if available.
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