Which - Core 2 duo or Core 2 Quad?

Below links are 2 laptops im looking at getting. Which one would i benefit from better? i will be using it For playing like World of Warcraft on it but mainly stuff like Photoshop and Premiere Pro CS4.

Laptop #1.

Laptop #2.
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    If you're heavy with photoshop and would appreciate the time saved rendering photos, get the quad. Otherwise, get the dual. Your battery life will be much better.
  2. Would it handle Premiere Pro cs4 as well? I mean i dont do things heavy like movies jsut stuff i do for my church and all and thats about it.
  3. Both CPUs can handle the Adobe applications - It's just a matter of speed. The quad-core should be at least 1.2 times faster than the dual, if not 2x.
  4. Ok as long as both of them would handle rendering and all with photoshop ans especially Premiere Pro cS4 then the core 2 duo should be plenty then
  5. Try this deal Its the Dv8 which I assume is a newer model. Its a quad though.
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