Samsung UN46C6300 HDTV Reviews

I'm in the market to get a new HDTV, and sure I'm going to get a new LED TV, based on in store displays/comparisions.

Does anybody have a good/bad review of the Samsung 46" LED HDTV, Model UN46C6300?

Top rated at, and 3.5-4 of 5 stars on other review sites.

I'm am a big Samsung fan: current TV (46" DLP), 6 cell phones (past/present), and 2 PC Monitors all by Samsung.

It's $1569.99 at Sears, but $1399.99 at Best Buy.

Best Buys service plans are cheaper, too. And how are Best Buys service protection plans? I trust Sears, but no experience with Geek Squad.

Any advise will be taken into consideration.
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    Sorry, that was for some adverts that posted in this thread. THG deleted them!
  2. FYI:

    I went with the Samsung 46" LED TV Model UN46C6500, $1599.99 at Best Buy.

    The 6300 doesn't stream NetFlix movies, but the 6500 (and above) does. It's more on an "internet TV."


    1.) The sound is AWFUL! Maybe because it's in a wall unit/entertainment center, instead of wall mounted. Don't have the cash for a sound bar, but it is piped thru my Home Theater 7.1 Surround Sound System. A few more buttons to push on the remote....But really, the sound is AWFUL!

    2.) The stand/base is sits on it ugly. The TV must sit back 5" inside the cabinet of the wall unit, which makes it look like it's in a box. Aftermarket bases, to make the TV front flush with the wall unit are expensive ($350-$500)! I may have a solution, a custom built one, out of wood. I'll let ya'll know.
  3. Those tiny little 10 watt speakers on the new HDTV's are terrible.

    Cheaper than getting a sound bar would be to use your surround sound with one of the Logitech Harmony remotes, they take a bit of tweaking to get working flawlessly, but they are awesome once you get it right.
  4. Thank for reading/responding.

    I had a Logitech Harmony One Remote, but the signal wasn't strong enough to go thru the glass on my wall unit! Great device, but I returned it for a Sony Blu-Ray Player. Shoulda waited for a internet enabled player tho.
  5. Just got $100.00 back from Best Buy.

    They lowered the sale price to $1,499.99, so I got a "Price Match" refund.

    I programmed the Comcast remote to control my A/V Receiver, too. Now it all turns on, and sound is thru the A/V, volume controlled thru the remote. So now I can get Dolby Digital sound thru my HD DVR, via Digital coax. I turned off sound on the TV, using "external speaker" set up, which goes from the TV to the A/V via Optical Cable. But Dolby sounds better thru the CableSTB.

    Wife decided that the stand is ok, doesn't bother her that it's set back into the wall unit 5".
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