Vizio M420NV, no audio from PC

I recently purchased a Vizio M420NV (upgraded from about a 2 year old Vizio LCD). The issue I am having is that Im hooking my PC up to it via DVI>HDMI, and my audio via the 3.5mm jack. On the other vizio, I had no issues whatsoever with video and audio. Now, I get video great, but there is no audio to be found. I have gone through EVERY setting on the TV to see if I had to map the audio to no avail.

Im running a 3 yr old EVGA 8800 GTS, Ive replaced and tested all of the cables, and they are all known good, so I am at a total loss. Ive read somewhere that some nVidia cards push audio through them, but theres no options in the Nvidia control panel to disable this... and am not sure if my model actually DOES do this. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.


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  1. Well hello and welcome to tom's hardware! :)
    Graphics cards DO push audio thru the DVI port, but you need to have it conected to the motherboard.
    You have to use one of this:
    And your motherboard has to have the header for the SPDIF.
    Hope this helps :)
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