How to get HD Channels on a second TV

I currently receive Digital & HD service on a Full HD Tv in my living room. This is dones through a cable box from my local cable co. Now I have a 2nd full HD Tv in my Bedroom. Do I have to pay for this service all over again for the 2nd TV? I thought I read something about being able to set something up...maybe by using wireless...w/out paying for the 2nd TV?
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  1. around here, you pay for the service and pay extra for HD.
    they make us rent the box (or buy your own)
    HD box is more than regular box.

    if you want HD on the 2nd tv.. you should use a 2nd box.
    without the 2nd box, both televisions will play the same channel.

    you could buy your own box, or buy a computer card 'tuner'
    if you buy your own box, you can get one that will record the tv shows.
    if you buy the computer card, you can record the tv shows onto the computer.

    you can make anything wireless.
    all you need is something that will transfer the frequencies of the signal being transferred AND be faster than the signal being transferred.
    the connectors of the sending and receiving unit need to be the same as what you are plugging in.

    those are your options.. which one will be the best depends on the quality of the hardware (and if you want to change channels).
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