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I have some questions about video conferencing what to use Tandberg/Cisco, PolyCom, & LifeSize what is right for me?
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  1. are you saying you want dedicated hardware?
    skype and the other video 'calling' programs dont allow more than one person to be connected?

    i thought it was all about video and audio quality, plus the number of people that can connect at the same time.

    if you are looking for more than that, it would be a highly secured connection that doesnt allow anybody to get the information you are passing back and forth.
    basically the same thing as what the teenagers use, except with an SSL connection or something.
    dedicated hardware is usually ment for using a telephone line to transfer the audio and video data no?

    otherwise the hardware would have to connect to a router or computer with usb or firewire ON BOTH ENDS to send and receive the secured data transmission.
    and then you would be connecting to the other computer with a simple IP address.
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