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I am thinking of switching to FIOs from my normal COX cable. Currently, I have a splitter that devides my cable. One goes to the DVR box for the main tv. The other goes into my wife's room for a small tv there. We have no cable box there and she can only watch local channels (which is all she wants to watch there). Can this still be done with FIOS? Are you able to split that signal and watch it on a regular TV with no FIOS Box??
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  1. if you order FIOS from a reputable company such as Verizon, they will be able to explain it to you. As for being able to split it yourself, Although FIOS runs through a normal "cable" such as Cable TV, it requires the decoder BOX (my family has FIOS) which is a fair bit larger than your normal small square/rectangular box. The company will split your primary CABLE (this cable carries both TV and DATA) between the two for you, or they might just run a new line depending on the quality of your current line, and necessary items for it to work.

    I guess the simple answer would be YES, you can split FIOS and Cable TV, NO you can not split FIOS between 2 parts of your house. YOU CAN HOWEVER, run the FIOS into its primary box, and then from there it will become a normal DATA wireless/wired modem. From this modem, you can run it just like any other network cable (ethernet cords or wireless) to get data wherever you need. It should not effect either TV unless you order TV from the same company in which case, it will be on the company (and rightfully so) to make it so that it works the way you want it too.

    If this has not answered your question, please let me know and ill try again :)
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