Speaker Wire into RCA?

howdy! my new wireless subwoofer's transmitter takes RCA in (line level?) but my stereo receiver amplifier only has speaker wire lugs.

radio shack offers this adaptor, but doesn't have much info other than, "Need to connect speakers to an amp or receiver? This 12-foot, 24-gauge speaker cable has an RCA plug on one end and color-coded lugs at the other to get you hooked up in no time."
Model: 42-2449 | Catalog #: 42-2449

could be dangerous? can you recommend anything? thank you!
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  1. I wouldn't try connecting speaker level outputs to an input. If the subwoofer has RCA line level ins you should connect them only to the tape output from the receiver.
  2. thanks!
    my receiver has a preamp out that's jumpered to mains. the solution was to split a preamp out to both the subwoofer and a main :D
    speaker outs are amplified--could damage anything designed for less signal!
  3. Sounds like a decent receiver if it has that facility.
  4. Quote:
    Sounds like a decent receiver if it has that facility.

    NAD 712. except for the fact that the display bulb burns out in a few months, and is soldered in (i leave it dead), it's been awesome. it didn't really show its age until i realized it's a surround sound world these days. wish it had a sub out as well as secondary speaker leads!
  5. I have an ancient NAD 7155 Receiver made in Japan which runs into UK-made Bowers & Wilkins DM2 floor standing speakers from the same period. Above all I love the NAD's army-surplus look.

    The NAD has a less neutral sound than my newer Yamaha Receiver and sounds coloured with my KEF 104s but it has the oomph! to get the B&Ws sounding entertaining rather than analytical.
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    The car stereo guys have line output converters that drop speaker level outputs to line level. Perfect for what you need.
  7. i've never heard of the car stereo guys--that does sound like the right fit. i've seen other posts on the webs so i know there are others out there in need of that solution. any chance you have a link?

    i sure wouldn't say my NAD is uncolored, but i do love the color :) the clean look is a nice bonus!
  8. Go to the closest shop that installs car stereos. They should have what you need. Try this link as well
  9. ah! 2 channel line output converter: "Scosche's LOC80 line output converter allows you to connect a receiver with no preamp outputs to an amplifier without speaker-level inputs. The LOC80 handles a speaker-level signal up to 80 watts RMS per channel, and converts it to a line-level signal you can plug into your amp's input.

    The LOC80 reduces the incoming speaker-level signals so you can use a stereo RCA patch cable (not included) to make the connection to your amp. The converter features adjustable gain settings on each channel, and it's compatible with almost any car stereo"
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