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Hi. My old VHS is slowly giving up the ghost and so we have decided to move with the times and get one of those DVD/HDD recorder things. The problem is that we have a stack of store bought videos that my kids still want to watch. I'm not looking to start a pirate movie business but I think it fair for me to copy those movies over to DVD for personal use. Does anyone have any suggestions or links that can help? Cheers in advance. :sarcastic:
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  1. You have several options. You can use a usb video to dvd converter which is simple to use. Install the program and drivers comes with the converter. Plug usb to computer, plug VHS A/V out to usb converter. Play VHS and capture the A/V using the program. Or, cheaper still, you can get a capture card. Put it into a free card slot in your computer. Install driver and program. Plug video out to card and audio to your sound card. Use program to record VHS when VHS is playing.
  2. If you are like me and use a laptop without free slots you can use a DVR with a DVD burner, load the video from the VSH to the DVR and then to the DVD. See for DVR or to do the same thing with a miniature DVR
  3. If you have a DVD/HDD recorder, a standalone unit, then you can directly connect video cassette player to DVD/HDD recorder and produce your DVD disks.

    There are several inputs on DVD/HDD recoreder called Line 1, Line 2, etc. Connect your cassette player to, say Line 1 and, choose Line 1 as the media to record. You can record on HDD and play the cassettes directly from HDD or on DVD disks.

    As the cassettes do not have copy-protection mechanisms incorporated into them, you can easily get backup copies on DVD or HDD for personal use only. This should not be against law, I guess.
  4. You will need a DVD Recorder, and, Grex to transfer your VHS media to DVD.The copy protection I speak of is the macrovision that is causing you not to be able to get good copies of the VCR tapes.I bought a GREX (macrovision remover) for the same purpose
    It works great.
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