What if i have a lcd panel for a projector what do i need to use it just the pro

i have a lcd projector panel but do i need seprate projector of some kind or is does it already have one what should i get to make sure it works well do i need anything else to use it.. Also is it posible to hook my T.V. up to it ??
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  1. lcd projector panels sit on top of the projector base and the light shines through it to light it up.. the mirror on top projects the output onto a wall or screen.
  2. if you put a light behind the LCD panel.. you could use a lens to increase the size and point it at a wall.

    a projector is made of this:
    1. the light
    2. a mirror (points light to lens)
    3. lens

    you dont have to have a mirror (or an ugly projector) if you put the lens directly on the LCD panel.
    most lenses are round.. but some are square.
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