Computer runs unbelievably slow when connected to HDTV

Hi all,

First time poster so sorry if I am new to all of this. I had an old tower PC that I kept around because I wanted to hook it up to my HDTV. I hooked it up by a DVI to HDMI output to my 46 inch 1080p TV. When I did, the computer ran and windows started up, but it was unbelievably slow and I could hear my computer processing sound nonstop. I would take a whole minute to open firefox and just navigating around my desktop was so slow. Now when I streamed divx movies off the net, the videos themselves ran fine and had no noticeable lag.

At first I thought this was my computer, but when I connected this same computer to a 24 inch monitor by DVI output, it ran totally fine.

Any ideas or solutions? Is the size of my screen the issue here?
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  1. It very well could be the size of your screen. I dont know too much about it because i usually only use computer monitors, but if the computer is trying to fill up all of that space with High Res pixels, it could just have it thinking a LOT more.
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