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I have certain mp3 files which are not played by any media player correctly. All I can listen is a very fast version of the file which simply sounds like garbage.

Previously, I had reinstalled Windows XP, after which I could not access these files. I then took ownership of those files. Then I was able to play them but only in the manner aforesaid. Please help.
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  1. what about the bit rates of the file which stuck,, have you checked.. if that's is the problem get an audio converter and convert it to to supported bitrate,,
    or else try to installing codec packs like Klite & move to other players like Jetaudio(it have lot of features & tools with it,, its audio clarity in great,, i'm using it with SRS Audio box which give me wonderful experience for movies & musics)
  2. What codec pack do yo uuse?
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