What to do when composite and component already used? Help!


I have my component and composite points used by by DVD player and my Wii already. I disconnected my Wii to use the WB mini, but this is annoying. What can I do about this? Is there such thing as a switch which would easily allow me to move my composite from Wii to the WB Mini TV easily without pulling the TV from the wall & connecting, disconnecting etc?

Help ! Too many devices!

Thanks in advance. S
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  1. Try this:

    CABLES TO GO 28731 S-Video + Composite Video + TOSLINK Selector Switch
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    Connectors: Input: Three S-Video Female, Three TOSLINK Female, Three RCA Audio/Video Female Output: One S-Video Female, One TOSLINK Female, One RCA Audio/Video Female
    Features: Why connect and reconnect cables to manually switch between devices? Get rid of the cable hassle, and add flexibility to your home theater system with the 3-Play selector. Plug in this switch and quickly add three toslink, three s-video, and three RCA composite audio/video ports to your system. Great for
    Model #: 28731
    Item #: N82E16882196060
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