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I have a large number of VHS/Hi8 tapes that I wish to transfer to DVD. Most of them also need editing. I have been using a Pinnacle Dazzle external capture device which encodes into MPEG-4, but there is a persistent problem with loss of audio-visual synchronisation, small but enough to be noticeable and not acceptable. (The image is also slightly spoiled with vertical straight edges appearing saw-toothed.)
I understand that audio-visual asynchrony is inherent or very common in capture devices encoding into MPEG formats, but not with those encoding into avi. Is this correct?
If correct, can anyone recommend a suitable capture device which encodes into avi. I run WindowsXP and have the necessary software to convert between formats.
I believe that encoding into avi will also help with editing. Currently, I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro and with MPEG formats there is complete loss of audio-visual synchronisation with up to 15 seconds gap developing. Am I correct in understanding that Premiere Pro "loses" the timing markers (or whatever the technical name is) so that there is massive loss of synchronisation and that this should not occur with .avi?
Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Look into Hauppauge offerings because I've converted from VHS with my USB external unit from them and it worked fine. Pretty sure it was into .avi but I may have converted it, can't remember, and the unit has been in a drawer for over a year now not being used.
  2. hey there,

    If you know, I'd like to know too because i have exactly the same problem.

    I have captured with the Grabster AV400 from terratec which works fine but i hate the compression
    I also want to capture in avi format and edit in premiere pro.

    I have tried several quality's mpeg2 but find that the quality of my home movies is getting worse
    because of the compression, audio sync looks fine though.

    I tried to contact pinnacle for advice on which device captures in avi but i guess there only work
    morons who have no phones and apparently don't understand what i mean by e-mail.

    I was used to capture with a miro DC30 who did capture in avi but is outdated at this time.
    then i captured in avi and the files where much bigger but the quality was much better.
    After a project i want to decide by myself how much i want to compress.

    So, in short if you get some dood advise please let me know.

    kind regards, Elzo
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