Samsung hdtv 1080i troubleshooting

my samsung hdtv 1080i is completely dead. will not turn on, no lights come on or blink. I have checked the power at the outlet but nothing works. I don't see a reset switch. any suggestions?
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  1. Call Samsung and see if they will warranty it. It sounds like it could be one of many issues, simplest being the power supply (inside the TV) is not longer functioning.
  2. Take a look at the power supply if you're brave enough to pull the cover off. Could be something as simple as a line fuse popped by a power surge. (A failing power supply or a panel developing a short can pop the glass fuse as well, so be careful how much you celebrate.)There's a huge run of the LCDs that have between 2 and 5 capacitors that bulge out.

    Troubleshooting a bad plasma is a real bear. A scary high voltage bear of danger. Only go inside the cabinet if you're sure you know what you're doing.
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