Mixing different ohms, will there be problem

I'm quite a beginner to home audio. I have a Sherwood RD-6103R Amp which says its 8 Ohms. My front speakers are B&W 610i which is 4 ohms. My centre Speaker is B&W CC3 which says its 8 ohms .

Will there be any problem either my speakers or my amp for mixed Ohms? Can someone explain, please.

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  1. The 4 ohm speakers will (in theory) sound louder. But if the B&Ws were sold as a set they will have been designed to work together.

    In any case, speakers impedances are pretty approximate and with a reputable brand like B&W and a transistor amp you are unlikely to damage anything.
  2. You might have to add some volume to just the center channel to match, but is common to change the center channel level anyway. If you continually play your stereo at a max level, expect that your amp will not have an extremely long life. You probably wont do this but 4 ohms is hard on recievers. They require more current to drive to 100 watts or whatever you have there. The power supply is not rated for this. The transistors will not be the problem.
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