Why does my Toshiba LCD HDTV has stagnant & flickering vertical lines on one

I need your help urgently! I have an 18montshs old Toshiba LCD HDTV 1080i Regza, and it is showing a stagnant and sometimes flickering vertical lines on the right side of the screen. Does anyone know what is causing this? What do I need to do to fix it? I am out of Warranty and don't have an extended warranty - please help!!!
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  1. Adjust the picture. move the entire image on the screen to the right.
    In your TV's menu's you should have a setup screen that allows you to adjust your screen right, left, up, down. so tv's will allow you to increase picture size as well.
    Just adjust the picture until all the lines are gone
  2. If they are pink-purple-yellow-blue and not terribly wide, I would say you have a bad panel. Some models have a two-year warranty on the panel to address this issue.

    Call Toshiba immediately with your model and serial number for relief.
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