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Ok, so I'm a Wow Addict I currently have a Logitech MX mouse, and I'm a girl, even tho girls do not play on the Interwebz. I can't reach both of the side buttons on this mouse with my thumb, but I don't play with a claw grip. I was looking at the Logitech G9, but it is meant for claw. Two questions, is there a mouse with a smaller feel that I won't have to change my palm grip or is claw grip a pain in the @$$ to adjust to. I'm building a new PC since my last one ditched me for dead 10 days ago and I'm looking to make it worth my while by using a mouse that I can benefit from all the macro/keybind buttons.
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  1. How about the logitech G9 mouse?
  2. That is what I have been looking at, I'm just uncertain about adjusting to claw grip.
  3. Try looking at the older logitech models such as G5 or the MX518. They have fuller hand support but might be a little big for your hands... If those two dont work then try the wireless Logitech VX Revolution for notebooks as it will be smaller
  4. Here's a affordable gaming mouse, 3200 dpi and only 36 bucks.
  5. I have a G9 and love it. It wasn't hard to get used to at all, and I love it. Alternatively, the G5 is also excellent, but is designed more for for standard grips.
  6. How about the Steel Series MMO Mouse? It's specifically designed for WoW.
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