Format Acer Laptop With preinstalled Vista -Replace with XP

I recently bought an ACER Aspire 5535 laptop with pre installed vista home premium.

I have used the ee-recovery management and made a a backup dvd of the os, as requested by the system.

It has 250 gb sata hd in 2 partitions:
c: 80 gb
d: 110 gb (that is odd, it is more than 250, now that i think about it)

I want to format c and install win xp. I have downloaded all drivers from acer. i changed the boot sequence at bios, so dvd rom boots first.

When i enter the win xp cd to install, the process starts, and just before i get to the screen where i have to make the choises i get a blue screen and a msg:

"A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

if this is the first time you see this screen.....

check for viruses......

Technical information:
**STOP: 0X00000FB..........."

1 Am i doing something wrong?
The installation xp cd is working, cause i ve used it before on desktops.
Moreover, i used another xp installtion cd with sata+raid support but gor the same screen.

2. i have downloaded from acer all drivers for my laptop for win xp. one of them was

SATA AHCI Driver. How do i use this one? should i somehow incorporate it to the xp installation cd?
Am i gonna be asked for this specific driver?

3. am i gonna lose the second partition? this is the first time that i am rplacing vista with xp without a floppy disk

If someone could give me step by step info on how to do the new install, it would be great

thanks guys
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  1. Well, I'd first suggest--since you bought a laptop with Vista pre-installed--to take it back to the shop so that you can avail of your free Windows 7 upgrade!
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