Logitech X-540 on GA-P35C-DS3R rev 1.x + Win7

I am having problems with my X-540 5.1 speakers.

Set up:

GA-P35C-DS3R rev1.x
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Latest Realtek Drivers as of November 2009 (from GIGABYTE)

I usually set the volume knob at the center...halfway between the (-) and (+). System volume settings are at 67-70 on windows 7.

Recently I have noticed sound fluctuation or sudden drops in volume.

Now I'd have to turn the knob more to the right (higher) to get sounds that are enough to hear and enjoy a movie..not too loud but not to soft either.

If I turn the knob all the way to the end, Speakers still give a good shout!

Any ideas?Solutions?
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  1. u dont think theres a problem with your speakers so u???

    possibly some problem with the fuse or teh amplifier inside, u might wanna get it checked out, or if ure warranty still covers it get a new one and see.
  2. SOLVED:::

    Mods please delete this post.

    The problem was with the volume knob. Changed some sort of resistor. Cost me $15 bucks for the whole repair. Im glad it wasnt anything serious
  3. Having the same prob, can you go into specifics of how you solved it?

    fkn logitech..starting to hate their soundsystems, the x530 i had before started to pop and crackle whenever a light was turned off or on. now with the 540 its autovoluming and the sudden drops..pos
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