Building system - need expert advice please!

Here's what I'm planning so far - I'm open to suggestions, though...

A8N-SLI Premium
2GB (4x512MB) Guile DDR400
Asus GeForce 7800 GTX
*If someone could suggest a good case I'd really appreciate that! As of right now I'm planning on getting the Enermax CS-718.
Seasonic S12-600 (power supply)
*I'm a little stuck on the HD config, though. Originally was planning on Raid-0 (4x36GB Raptors) but then I thought Raid-0 (4x250GB Caviars 16MB cache) for the extra storage... then I see wusy talkin' about the 15K.3s and 3ms is lookin' pretty sweet so now I'm thinkin' Raid-0 (4x36GB Cheetah 15K.3s). I'm not experienced with Raid so I'm just on assumption that Raid-0 over 4 drives would be the way to go. Would you guys/gals mind givin' me some input? Much appreciated if so! Thanks!

"There's no such thing as luck". -Obi Wan
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  1. Basically what I'd like to know is will the performance gain of a Raid-0 config on the 4 Cheetahs be noticeable enough that it would be worth sacrificing the storage capacity of Raid-0 on the 4 Caviars?

    "There's no such thing as luck". -Obi Wan
  2. Ah, wasn't thinkin' it required a different card... The Caviars are going to cost me $140/ea so as long as I could find the Cheetahs for that or less I was prepared to take the storage loss, but there's no way I'm payin' $1000 for the card.

    You think I should go with the Raptors or the Caviars then? Strictly gaming is what I use my PC for.

    "There's no such thing as luck". -Obi Wan
  3. Well, do you think the performance gain would be significant enough on the 74GB Raptors to sacrifice the storage of the 250GB Caviars? 280GB of storage would be plenty, but then again having a TB would just be cool... anyhow, I'm just wondering since the Caviars are SATA300 16MB cache and the Raptors are SATA150 8MB cache that maybe I wouldn't get a big enough increase in performance to warrant the extra $$ and difference in storage... I really wish I could get benchmarks for this - that would tell me! =)

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  4. Hrm, since the 74GB are still pretty expensive I think I'll just get 2 for now, wait for price to drop and then get 2 more down the road. Unless you think those Caviars would do well...

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  5. Regarding the processor, the 3200+ is a much better value for the ratio of performance/price. FPS are barely up to 10 more on the 3500+ than 3200+ (Doom III and Half-Life II).
  6. You think there'd be a big enough difference between the 3500 and the 4000?

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  7. Looks like the 3700+ San Diego is what I'll go with then... A little reading shows that it can be OC'd with good results. I plan on using a Zalman CNPS7700-Cu for heatsink. Now I just need to learn how to OC w/o messin' anything up - stability is much more important imo, but it seems like the only way to take advantage of the 3700+ IS to OC it... Tyvm for all your help thus far!

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  8. I've got it priced at $43.98 shipped from Definitely appreciate the suggestion, though!

    "There's no such thing as luck". -Obi Wan
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